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EverCommerce has teamed up with SoFi to help small and mid-sized businesses access financial assistance during these uncertain times. Their Lantern marketplace makes it easy to shop across multiple lenders and compare financing solutions, including those that are part of the SBA Paycheck Protection Loan Program (PPP).

Find the right partner by searching Lantern for relief capital for you and your employees.

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Expanded Paycheck Protection Program: 
How to find the right bank to help your business

Additional Funding Notice: The SBA will resume accepting Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) applications from participating lenders on Monday, April 27th at 10:30am EDT. 

During the initial round of funding for the PPP, major banks were overwhelmed by the demand and struggled to fund loans quickly to small and mid-sized companies. Even business owners who have primary banking relationships with PPP lenders were having trouble accessing the program, and in some cases SBA partner banks faced capital constraints.

EverCommerce has partnered with SoFi Lending Corp. and their Lantern marketplace as another option to access the additional $310 billion ratified on April 24th. Through Lantern, small and mid-sized businesses have access to hundreds of SBA-approved funding banks through a single application process.

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EverCommerce does not receive any compensation through this program.

SoFi receives compensation in the event you obtain a loan through the Lantern marketplace. The Lantern website is owned by SoFi Lending Corp., a lender licensed by the CBO under the CFL, license number 6054612, NMLS #1121636 ( Loans may not be available in all states, such as MS.

Jennifer Nuckles 

Jennifer Nuckles is the Executive Vice President of Lantern, Partnerships, Content at SoFi. Prior to joining SoFi, she was the Chief Marketing Officer of Zynga, as well as several consumer technology companies, including telemedicine leader Doctor On Demand.

In the webinar above, SoFi and Ernst & Young discuss the PPP and will provide guidance on how small and mid-sized businesses can apply and find qualified lenders to increase the likelihood of timely funding.

Preston Thompson 

Preston Thompson is the Managing Director at Ernst & Young LLP based in Charlotte, NC. Prior to joining Ernst & Young, he worked for eighteen years at the Federal Reserve Banks of Richmond and San Francisco - eventually becoming Assistant Vice President at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston.

Aaron LaRue

Aaron LaRue is the Director of Product Management overseeing the Lantern marketplace at SoFi. Throughout his career in FinTech, Aaron specialized in designing, building and growing products at a number of consumer technology companies.

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